Wednesday, 28 December 2016

2016 in Photos

2016 in Photos

Dear Simon,

Before we completely consign 2016 to the dustbin of history there are two more duties to close out the year: voting in the the inaugural Fish & Fly Annual Awards and a quick gallop though a fishing year in photos.

Fish & Fly is one of the great on-line resources for us fly fishers and the ever inventive editor Paul Sharman has given us all the opportunity to give our verdict on the best bit of kit, retailer, fishing guide, personality of the year and much more in the first ever Fish & Fly 2016 Awards Survey. I am delighted to say that Fishing Breaks has been nominated in the Fishing Travel section. Do vote! 

The poll closes on January 2nd; click here to vote.


This is the most popular photo I have ever posted on social media. Only in Stockbridge would you be greeted at dawn by a man in waders, crossing a zebra crossing with a scythe over his shoulder on the way to work. Long may it continue.


When all about you is bleak one gorgeous fish can brighten a drab winter day.


Cow parsley heads in a frosted water meadow.


They may have come last in the One Fly but they seem mighty happy about it!


By my estimation only a 137 days to go ......


Duncan Weston, who was there with me in the trenches from the early days of Fishing Breaks right up until he retired due to ill health a couple of years ago, died on June 8th, his 76th birthday.


Our first ever Kids Fish Camp that ran for five days in July. 


Dusk on the River Nadder in Wiltshire with nothing but a few sheep, a last fluttering of sedges and glooping trout for company. Perfection


Yes, such is the parlous state of our native water vole that we rear them in captivity for re-populating otherwise barren rivers. This is one of a 110 released on the River Meon. PS The Pringle can is a cunning device to scoop them from the carrying cage - voles bite hard and don't let go!


This was the moment the Mop Fly arrived in the UK ...........


Dawn and -7C at The Bends on the River Test just upstream of Stockbridge this morning. It felt like it looks.


Our fly fishing capital town Stockbridge is looking very festive this year thanks to a big effort by all those who live and trade on the High Street, including lighting up the river.


Six fins to test your knowledge; they are all freshwater. Answers at the bottom of the page. It's just for fun!

My thanks to Chris Cooper (no relation ) for the  February grayling photo and Minnie Cooper (relation) for the May mayfly photo. And in case you have scrolled all the way down, please don't forget to vote in the Fish & Fly Awards poll.

All the best for 2017.

Best wishes,
Simon Signature 
Founder & Managing Director  

Quiz answers: 

Rainbow trout pectoral fin.                    Perch dorsal fin
Grayling dorsal fin                                 Brown trout dorsal fin
Atlantic salmon adipoise fin                   Mirror carp pectoral fin

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